Please note that this page is under construction!  We currently support 20 schools and are adding more schools here.  Thank you for your patience.  

Mwanguda Primary School

Mwanguda has 110 students across two streams.  They run a boarding programme with one dorm for girls and another for boys. Mwezi has donated 30 lights so far and is looking to increase this.  The school spreads the lights across class 7 and 8 and uses some in the dorms.

Mitsajeni Primary School

Mitsajeni has 43 pupils in class 7 (the penultimate year). Mwezi started supporting them in Feb 2019 with a library of 15 lights.  It is a remote school which takes Dorcas 4 hours each way to visit.  Each school is allowed to distribute lights how they like, Mitsajeni has decided to give this library to the year 7s. 

Kikonde Primary School

There are 37 pupils in class 8 at Kikonde.  The top performer in 2018 was Hassani, who got 324 marks out of 500 in his end of year exams. The girls from the class of 2018 raised the typical concern that they are required to do much more housework than the boys, gathering firewood, fetching water etc., so have less time to study.  The school is determined to help the girls in particular and is looking into keeping them in for evening homework, and setting up a boarding programme.

Mwanjama Primary School

Mwanjama is one of Mwezi’s new schools.  We gave them their first light library of 15 lights in Jan 2019.  The 71 class 8 pupils all study in one classroom. They are already performing quite well, with an average of 271/500.  The lights will give these hard working students a greater chance of scoring top marks and getting into a good secondary school. Dorcas is in the photo with some of the students.

Vifanjoni Primary School

Vifanjoni received their first light library of 15 lights in Feb 2019.  There are 31 pupils in class 8. 90% of the pupils come from homes without electricity and they had really been looking forward to receiving the lights since they applied in Dec 2018. 

Gulanze Primary School

Gulanze pupils achieved an impressive average of 304/500 in their final exams, with the top student, Hassan, achieving 393, enabling him to join Mbitta Boys High School.  Gulanze is the most remote of the schools we support. It takes Dorcas 5 hours each way to visit.  In 2017 they lost 19 out of the 30 lights we’d given them.  However, under new leadership, they have only lost 1 in the past year.  Given that there are 50 pupils in the class, and they run a boarding programme, Mwezi hopes to support them with another light library and some solar room lights. 

Mgome Primary School

Mgome increased their average score in 2018 from 214 to 224 out of 500 with the lights.  Well done! The top student was Michael with 345 marks.  He got into a national (top quality) school but couldn’t afford to go so has joined a secondary school.  Md Sofia, who is in charge of the lights, attributes the school’s good performance to the lights.  It is a very poor school.  Most students don’t have shoes and their parents can’t afford kerosene, so the lights are very welcome.