Accountability and Transparency in the Mwezi Foundation.

The Mwezi Foundation is a completely transparent charity.  The only people who are paid are Dorcas and John in Kenya.  The Directors do not take any income out of the charity.  In fact, we help fund the charity with monthly donations. 

Dorcas provides weekly reports of her visits and work that week, alongside workplans for the next week.  All expenses are documented and paid in retrospect.  John provides regular stock reports, detailing all the components and updating us on lights fixed, lights manufactured and lights donated. 

Dorcas visits all the schools on a regular basis, ideally once a quarter.  She counts the lights and mends any that she can, bringing any others back to John to fix.  She replaces lights on a one to one basis and makes recommendations as to whether the school should be given more lights.  She takes as many photos as possible. 

 There are two teachers in each school responsible for keeping records of lights and deciding on what basis to lend them out – neediest first, hardest working first, etc.  As the lights are so portable, they occasionally go ‘missing’.  The Mwezi Foundation decides whether to keep supporting schools where lights have disappeared based on any mitigating circumstances.  Due to a number of lights disappearing in the past, teachers now collect lights in the term before class 8 finishes, and pass them on to class 7 to avoid the risk of students taking the lights with them as they go. 

The Mwezi Foundation constantly monitors the distribution and use of our lights, collecting data on the end of year exams to see how the school average has improved with the use of lights.  We find out who have been the top performers and which schools they have gone on to.  We are hoping to keep in touch with some of them to see how their education and careers progress.