‘No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated’ – Nelson Mandela.

The Mwezi Foundation has donated lights to over 16 schools so far, and has already approved some new applications for 2019.  We will add more photos and details to this page soon. Dorcas is aiming to visit all our existing schools before Easter.

Bofu School

Class 7 at Bofu School, Kaloleni has 113 children, 58 boys and 55 girls. Their strengths are sports and traditional dance. They have no electricity. A new headmaster joined in 2016 to improve performance.

Kitungure School

Kitungure school in Msambweni has 480 pupils and 16 teachers. We gave lights to class 8 which has 20 children (11 boys, 9 girls). When Mike and Elizabeth visited, the pupils turned up in school uniform, even though it was the holidays, and thanked the Mwezi Foundation for the lights, explaining how they had benefitted from them.  They performed a play for us.  The headmaster shares the lights out equally so each child has a chance to have a light overnight to return the next day.  We will be giving them more lights soon.

Kawala School

Kawala Primary School, Mariakani, is one of the best performing schools in the country. We donated lights to class 8, which has 106 children in the class, 57 boys and 49 girls.

Mamba Primary School

Mamba is one of our new schools. There are 800 pupils. They just have 1 light library so far and they give out the lights on merit. This is a message from the Deputy Head Teacher via WhatsApp: ‘On behalf of Mamba pry school fraternity I would like to register my appreciation for the special concerns and support that Mwezi foundation have towards nurturing great brains. Light is power!BRAVO!!!’

Mrima School

We have donated 3 light systems to Mrima because they convert the classrooms into dorms at night.  46 girls sleep in one dorm, 40 boys in another.   The light systems mean they can study at night, which they do until 10pm.  A large group of governors, parents and pupils welcomed us when we visited.

Ng’Onzini School

Ng’Onzini was our first school to link with a school in England – Greatham school in Hampshire.  Greatham chose which school to support and raised money to pay for lights.  We are working with Ng’Onzini to repair some lights which have stopped working and ensure that they are making the best use of them so we can donate more.  We would like to link more UK schools with schools in the Likoni area, using WhatsApp to communicate directly and follow the progress of each pupil with a light.