Noor Boys Orphanage

There are 16 orphans at Noor Boys from age 5-15. Their star pupil, Ali Rashid Ali, scored top marks in the whole county in his final exams in Year 8. We have donated 3 lighting systems so far, which they have looked after well.

Henny Children’s Home

There are 59 girls.  It is a well-maintained home. They have two home lighting systems which they use as back up when the electricity goes off (as it frequently does). The lighting systems were in good condition, John just needed to fix a plug on his last visit.  Unfortunately, one of the workers, who has been made redundant, removed the solar lights and took them with her.  We are looking into this but at the moment we are sad to say that Henny’s doesn’t have any solar lights from the Mwezi Foundation (March 2019).

Kidumu School for the Deaf

Kidumu School for the deaf and dumb is a mixed primary boarding school, with 31 boys and 11 girls. We have given them two home lighting systems, which they have looked after well in the two years they have had them. The lights are currently used in the dormitories, where the children go to study if there is a blackout. We are hoping to give them another lighting system to go in the classrooms for early morning and late night prep.